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I decided to go through a few sessions of sophrology with Angela, following some overwhelming times in my personal and working life. I was stressed and anxious, it really helped me navigating through these difficulties and I learned technics that I can keep with me, to continue feeling better and dealing with stress and anxiety. Thank you Angela !

Sylvain A.

I practiced sophrology with Angela throughout my pregnancy. It helped me a lot to live this important moment of my life, and I was able to approach the delivery with serenity.

Fanta K.

Angela accompanied me for a few months, while I was in remission of cancer and I was going through a difficult time. I regained confidence in myself and in life thanks to sophrology techniques.

Stephane C.

I contacted Angela to accompany me throughout my pregnancy, and prepare me for the birth I wanted to give. It was my first child, so everything was new to me. Very anxious by nature, however, I did not feel bad during this special period. I felt perfectly well, and I am convinced that Angela's support has a lot to do with it. Angela is a gentle, caring and sensitive person. She is very positive, she listens and anticipates potential difficulties to release. She is both professional and reassuring such as a family member. Thank you again Angela, I am already thinking of continuing the sessions for a different follow-up!

Bleuenn M.

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