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Sophrology is a holistic discipline, which was created by neuro-psychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo in 1960. Inspired by Eastern and Western methods, it provides for the harmonious development of personality. These methods allow expansion of consciousness and are very effective for well-being in everyday life.

The exercises allow us to find a balance between body and mind, using  three  key techniques:

- Relaxation : increases your well-being through muscle relaxation exercises

- Positive attitude reinforcement : promotes a more positive view of life  

- Breath work : awareness of different breathing techniques tailored to the individual’s  situation

sophrology dubai
sophrology dubai
sophrology dubai

The benefits of Sophrology are numerous:  

- Reduced stress

- Improved quality of sleep

- More self-confidence

- Stimulation of our five senses

- Better concentration

- Increased ability to adapt to changes

- Improved preparation skills

- Reduction of fatigue

- Development of attention and creativity

In addition,  Sophrology allows us to cleanse our bodies of tension, by helping us process the stressful elements of our daily life in a healthy way.


It is accessible to all, regardless of age and physical condition.

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