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If you prefer to work with me on your own where you can focus on a specific personal requirement* , you may wish to sign up for  an individual session.


*weight control, phobias, pain management, tobacco addiction, personalized support for pregnant women, preparation for an event (exam, driving license, job interview), preparation for a competition (athletes), depression, etc.


Each session last 1 hour ( the first session usually last a little bit longer, please plan 1hr30).

We would take some time at the start of the session to discuss what you are experiencing. I can, then, tailor the session and the exercises to your personal needs. 


There is time allowed for discussion, if you wish, where you can share how you are feeling after the exercises and discuss what additional requirements you would like to address.


The number of sessions you might need is considered during our first meeting and does vary depending on an individual’s personal requirements.

In general, 6 to 8 sessions are efficient to see good results.



Sessions can be organized in the place of your choice (home, office, gym, outdoor, etc).

Prior booking is required on Whatsapp: +971 50 6648 165 or email:

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